There are many but some of our main partners and their contact information follow:

Most of the activities that OEM schedules are in and around the Student Unions and Johnson Center. OEM also schedules classrooms when classes are not in session. OEM does not schedule the Center for the Arts or the Patriot Center.

OEM prefers to provide clients with their first choice of location. Decisions are made with an eye toward availability, traffic control, appropriateness for the location and priority use Administrative Policy 1103 covers some of these issues in more detail.

To check room availability: https://25live.collegenet.com/gmu/

Click on locations, type your desired building into the search field, (you will get more output than you  need), when that populates, click on the availability tab and you should be able to see spaces that are open for the date selected.

***Classroom spaces are not date on the availability option. If you desire a specific type of classroom, you will need to put in a request form and we will let you know what is available***

Please submit requests at least 48 hours in advance. OEM staff process 5,000 requests per semester. When a request has been scheduled, a written confirmation is sent to clients, usually within two business days. Events are not confirmed in any other way. More complex event requests may take longer to process. Set up and other staff schedule their workload in advance. Last minute requests are not normally accommodated.

Set ups depend on your event location and the availability of furnishing. Some of the set ups that may be available include, theater style, conference style, rounds and classroom style. To view setups and room diagrams for the unions visit Student Centers. Please speak with a scheduling manager to discuss the set ups available for your event.

Food served at events must be prepared by a licensed and insured caterer. Approved caterers, including the university’s caterer, are listed at http://approvedcatering.gmu.edu/approvedcaterers.html. If your caterer is not on the approved list, follow the instructions to have them approved.

Please contact Sodexho Catering for your bartending needs.

Some locations have audiovisual equipment as part of a standard set up. When equipment is not standard, you will be referred the appropriate office for portable equipment. In some cases it is necessary to hire a technician to work with special equipment. Also, there may be a charge to use or rent equipment. Speak with your event manager about specific requirements. Keep in mind that equipment and personnel are NOT normally available on a last minute basic.

Given the population of the university community, parking is sometimes a challenge. As a rule, it is necessary to pay for parking on campus at any time and at any place. For many events, guests are encouraged to park in one of the decks. For other, larger events, guests may be directed to a specific lot. It is possible to pay in advance for your guests. Parking arrangements should be made with Parking Service.

Yes, usually in the summer. More information on housing may be found at http://housing.gmu.edu.