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A number of university policies are designed to guide clients using Mason facilities. It is important to be familiar with and to adhere to these policies when having an event at Mason.

Below please find policy links to some of the most important information.

Admin Policy 1103 (Space Utilization & Scheduling)

  • This policy lays out the policies for reserving and booking space on campus. It also defines our three types of events, “Internal, External, and Jointly Organized.”
  • If your event is partnering with an External entity, it may be considered Jointly Organized and qualify for reduced venue rates.  For your event to be considered as Jointly Organized please fill out Fairfax Campus Jointly Organized Request Form after submitting your 25live request and return it to University Events (gmuevent@gmu.edu).

Amplified Sound Policy

Catering/Food Policy

  • For those serving food on campus, please note you must follow these policies and procedures.
  • All alcohol served on campus must be served by an Approved Caterer with the appropriate ABC liquor license. Location of the event with alcohol must be approved in advance.
  • Mason Catering (Sodexo) has all the appropriate licenses.
  • If your event request indicated that you are providing refreshments at your event and if you are not planning on using Sodexo (GMU Catering) as your caterer, the vendor you hire must be on Mason’s Approved Catering List.
    • Catering is defined as a vendor that controls the entire food/drink process from start to finish (storage, preparation, cooking, delivery and distribution). If the process is not continuous (examples: grocery store purchases, pizza, and similar delivery services), they are considered a food provider. If using a food provider instead of an approved caterer, the provider does not have to be on the approved caterer’s list, but you do have to follow these guidelines at your event:
      • All food and/or drink distributed must be commercially prepared (no “home-baked” goods) and should be individually sealed/pre-packaged by the Authorized Food Provider.
      • Beverages provided in bulk serving containers are allowed only if they are procured from an Approved Caterer or Authorized Food Provider.
      • An 8.5” x 11” (or larger) sign must be placed on all tables and areas where an event participant will receive food. The sign must be easily read and state “This food is not provided by a George Mason Approved Caterer. Consume at your own risk.”
      • If food is not individually sealed/pre-packaged by the Authorized Food Provider, then appropriate food handling standards must be followed. An example would be distributing individual donuts/pizza slices from a commercially packaged box.
      • Any products and/or services sold or given away must not directly compete with the University’s current contracts which include, but not limited to: Sodexo Food Services, Coke Vending Company, Canteen Vending Company, Panda Express, Manhattan Pizza, Chipotle and Panera Bread.

Inclement Weather Policy 

  • Please note: If the university is closed due to inclement weather, events are canceled. For Special Use venues (Center for the Arts, Eagle Bank Arena, Athletics, etc) please see their respective websites for updates on events.
  • Inclement weather guidelines

Leafleting Policy

Student Center Cancellation Policy

  • Events in venues managed by Student Centers and/or Event Services must be cancelled at least one business day in advance of the event start time in order to avoid a fee. Events cancelled with less than one business days’ notice will incur a late cancellation fee of $75 for each large meeting space and $25 for each small meeting space.
  • If the group is a “no show*,” a fee of $100 for each large meeting space and $50 for each small meeting space will be assessed.
  • Events clearly labeled as “Rain Location” in 25Live will not be charged any fees if the client ends up not needing the rain location site. This will not be considered a “no show.”
  • If you reserve several spaces for your event and do not use any one of your assigned spaces, you will be charged a “no show” fee for each space not utilized during your event. Be sure to release any spaces you will not need at least one business day in advance of your event start time in order to avoid a fee.
  • For more information and to see Early Opening/Late Closing/Set up Change Fees, please visit the Student Center’s Webiste

Covid-19 Public Health and Safety Precautions

Still have questions? Feel free to talk with an event manager for more details. Most of all …enjoy your event!