Sign Policy

Office Of Events Management Sign Policy

Mason Sign Policy (Fairfax)
Effective Fall Term 2004

At the direction of the President’s Office, temporary signs used to direct patrons to event venues on the Fairfax campus may only be posted with the approval of the Office of Events Management. Signs posted without OEM approval will be removed.

  • Signs should be submitted for approval no later than 1 week prior to the event.
  • A $50 deposit will be required to from off campus groups to post signs. This deposit will only be used if signs are not removed by the required date.
  • Signs should not be posted more than 24 hours in advance and should be removed within 12 hours of event completion.
  • Signs should not exceed 3’X 3’.
  • Signs should be on solid backing (i.e. foam core, cardboard, wood, metal).
  • Signs should be printed in solid block lettering using a computer or professional device.
  • Signs should not be permanently affixed to any surface (i.e. nailed to a post or tree).
  • Signs should contain the following information: event name, event date, one line description, location, and directional arrow.
  • Signs may only be placed at twelve approved locations (Map provided by OEM).
  • Signs may not contain offensive language.
  • Signs must be removed by the date indicated on the approval stamp.
  • OEM can produce event signs at a rate of $22 per road sign. This charge covers sign production, setting signs in appropriate areas, and removal. Prices may vary depending on type of sign.
  • Signs NOT approved by OEM will be taken down immediately and a charge of $5.00 per sign will be billed for removal.

Please sign below to show that you have read these polices and procedures, and return the signed form to the Office of Events Management at MSN 3G3 or fax to 703-993-2112.

By signing below, I hereby assume all responsibility for signs posted under my organization.